Admin Control Panel

The GoToSocial admin panel is a simple webclient that uses the admin api routes to manage your instance. It uses the same OAUTH mechanism as normal clients (with scope: admin), and as such can be hosted anywhere, separately from your instance, or run locally. A public installation is available here:

Using the panel

To use the Admin API your account has to be promoted as such:

./gotosocial --config-path ./config.yaml admin account promote --username YOUR_USERNAME

After this, you can enter your instance domain in the login field (auto-filled if you run GoToSocial on the same domain), and login like you would with any other client.

Screenshot of the GoToSocial admin panel, showing the fields to change an instance's settings

You can change the instance's settings like the title and descriptions, and add/remove/change domain blocks including a bulk import/export.

Building the panel

Build requirements: some version of Node.js and yarn.

yarn install --cwd web/source
BUDO_BUILD=1 node web/source 

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