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GoToSocial comes with OpenTelemetry based metrics. The metrics are exposed using the Prometheus exposition format on the /metrics path. The configuration settings are documented in the Observability configuration reference.

Currently the following metrics are collected:

  • Go performance and runtime metrics
  • Gin (HTTP) metrics
  • Bun (database) metrics

Metrics can be enable with the following configuration:

metrics-enabled: true

Though metrics do not contain anything privacy sensitive, you may not want to allow just anyone to view and scrape operational metrics of your instance.

Enabling basic authentication

You can enable basic authentication for the metrics endpoint. On the GoToSocial, side you'll need the following configuration:

metrics-auth-enabled: true
metrics-auth-username: some_username
metrics-auth-password: some_password

You can scrape that endpoint with a Prometheus instance using the following configuration in your scrape_configs:

- job_name: gotosocial
  metrics_path: /metrics
  scheme: https
    username: some_username
    password: some_password
  - targets:

Blocking external scraping

When running with a reverse proxy you can use it to block external access to metrics. You can use this approach if your Prometheus scraper runs on the same machine as your GoToSocial instance and can thus access it internally.

For example with nginx, block the /metrics endpoint by returning a 404:

location /metrics {
    return 404;